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The Next Generation Of Non-Headset VR Technology

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Designed &

Built In OMAN 

Designed and manufactured entirely in Oman, this machine will transport your senses to a whole new level of virtual reality immersion.

The advanced immersive technologies incorporated into the Simulator are unparalleled and will stimulate all of your senses and beyond.

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The Simulator

One Year In Development 

Ready To Sell


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A new breed of VR machines

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No Need for heavy VR-Headsets or tangled cables any more. 

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4K highly detailed curved screen.

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Eye and head tracking technology will manipulate the viewing angle for a fully immerse VR experience.

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Surround 3D Audio Speakers will trick your brain auditory system and make you feel as though you are actually inside the VR scene.

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Powerful “Directional Haptic Emitters" will shake the VR reality into you, further enhancing your experience.

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A unique “aroma generation system” will allow you to not only see, hear and feel the VR scene, but also smell it.

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All these features are powered by a powerful 3D Engine that guarantees you the most memorable VR experience you will ever have.


To ensure convenience, the machine comes with retro-style controls that enable users to manipulate VR content effortlessly. Furthermore, it's also effortless to integrate any type of controls with the Simulator.

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Content creators will find it easy to develop and create innovative VR solutions by utilizing the widely-popular opensource platform (Unity).


The possibilities for using The Simulator IVR machine are limitless.

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All Videos

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The "Simulator IVR" is Designed & Developed by 
INNOVATION FACTORY For Research & Development Company
All Design Rights Are Protected Under Omani Laws

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